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SANAM BELTS the leading Company in Mfg. & Trading of all purpose Conveyor Belt, was started by young and Dynamic technical team having more than a decades. The Objective of the company was to manufacture market and develop Conveyor Belting according to the specific requirements of particular industries, bringing in both quality and reliability built into them backed by unmatched service support. Respecting the demand & understanding the difficulties of importing special conveyor belts for replacement purpose. we have developed almost all type of special belts to suite according to the need of practically all type of Industries.
From the very inception, our job was never limited to trading activity & we enlarged our responsibility for developing special belts for almost all the industries & we co-ordinate our efforts for efficient & economical package. We have always believe that the customer is our Teacher - we never hesitate in accepting and learing from our mistake or acknowledging need for further improvements and this is the only factor by which company grew from strength and rose to this leading position today.

FUTURE PLAN : Our future vision is to emerge as a global player in the conveyor belt and to discover new horizons to growth. The challenge to tread the path of quality is the objective of the organization.

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